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Satoba is an Orange County, California sales and marketing consulting firm. We help businesses, entrepreneurs,  and professionals increase sales and market share.  Our training and consulting services can be customized to your specific products, industry, and business needs. 


Satoba offers 2 unique training programs. Hyper Funnels for building scalable sales pipelines and Accelerate for executing high value goals. We're are pleased to announce the launch of ACCELERATE in early 2021.  This is a transformational training program to help anyone learn how to accomplish goals in a step-by-step process.  Accelerate can be combined with Hyper Funnels to focus on specific areas of your business.


Whether you're a professional, established business, a start up, Accelerate can transform your life, business, and career.

The 4 key areas of our focus:

1) Creating sales roadmaps

2) Positioning relative to your nearest competitor

3) Choosing your sources of attraction and engagement

4) Building and running scalable sales funnels

These 4 elements can make a huge impact on your business and we work with you to fine-tune each to maximize your sales.

4- Sales funnel

Building a scalable and more predictable sales funnel can make all the difference in your business. 

1- Roadmap

Create turn-by-turn directions for your sales funnel. From the first interaction with your audience to closing deals.

3- Engagement

Engaging the right people and communicating a strong benefit advantage is the cornerstone of success 

2- Positioning

Position your offer relative to your nearest competitor so you can find more opportunities and win more deals. 

Every student chooses a goal to reach by the end of the program

Customized to your goal

Action Oriented

Accelerate is action packed with practical steps to help you reach your goal.

Virtual coaching

Optional coaching to encourage, motivate, and guide you every step of the way to reach your goal

Hyper Funnels

4 steps to scalable sales pipelines


Reach your goal and transform your life