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About M25:14 Mastermind

We're excited to launch our Mastermind group to help you TRANSFORM your life through goal setting and execution in a supportive, safe, and collaborative small group environment.


Group Charter

Using our talents, gifts, and strengths, provide ROI to our families, communities (employers, clients, customers, neighbors), and country through short term goal setting, execution, and thought leadership. 


Topic areas: Each participant chooses 1 topic in either business or career related field


Focus area: Each participant chooses one of the two focus areas

  1. Goal setting and execution

  2. Thought leadership


Thought leadership

Your goal is to accomplish clarity in a specific area. The deliverable can be intangible.

  • Finding purpose in a particular area of career or business

  • Clarity of mind in certain area of business or career

Session duration

One hour session is divided into 3 time slots:

Recap :10 minutes: A designated person gives quick update to the group

Mastermind time : 40 minutes group discussion focuses on helping the person that provided the recap

Summary and close : 10 minutes


This Mastermind group meets until every participant has rotated through the discussion format. For example, 10 participants meeting twice per month would  requires a 5 month commitment from each member.


Group values:

Encouraging, Compassionate, Courageous, Truth seeking, Commitment.

Mastermind members choose their focus area, topic area and expectations before the first meeting.

Each participant agrees to conduct themselves with professionalism during meetings.



Short term Goal setting and execution

  • Changing career

  • Getting new job

  • Starting a new business

  • Growing business

  • Launching new product

  • Resolving career or business conflicts


Group facilitation:

Facilitator guides, encourages, and supports participants to accomplish their objective. He helps maintain focus and relevancy during meetings and insures participants stay within the guidelines of the group.


ONLINE TRAINING: Accelerate goal setting and execution program is available to all Mastermind members.

This fully integrated, practical, online training covers the essentials of goal setting and helping people create a step-by-step execution plan.

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